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Photography & digital imaging services. Available on location in Chigago's north suburbs & surrounding Chicagoland area. Also shooting bar/bat mitzvah photos and video with Jody Garland Design & Photography.

Custom print sizes & digital files for personal or commercial use available upon request.
Photography & personalized digital imaging services, such as:
* Enhance & Manage Your Photos: Let me do the work of editing and improving your digital photos via Photoshop, organizing your digital images, and creating backup storage.
* Create Photo Collages: Using your images or mine.
* Scan, Restore & Retouch Old Photos: Preserve, enhance and share those aging, irreplaceable prints.
* Convert VHS tapes, video camera cassettes or other media to DVD.
* Document Your Child's Artwork: Preserve your child's art for posterity with digital images. Also great for creating frame-ready reproductions, custom greeting cards, calendars and other gift items.

I'm happy to discuss whatever you have in mind, including small, informal projects, or helping you or a family member learn how to manage, share, and get creative with your own digital images. Personalized, high quality services at reasonable rates.

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